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BHD 100

Personal Trainer

البسيتين، محافظة المحرق
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Did you know that thinking positive thoughts can reduce your stress? Stress has negative consequences for your physical and mental health and focusing on positive thoughts can help combat it! So what you are waiting for holds a big fat body with all the diseases in it don't think it's hard and late to have a good healthy body and healthy lifestyle never give up you can do it and you will do it just make up your mind and join me either call or send a message Text the information given below so make the body of your choice and I will come to you to train you in your home gym office or at any convenient location of your choice but only in Bahrain and not outside it is very expensive for you so if you decide now to join I will ask you! What do you want to get? or in other words what you are looking for means you are looking for muscle training, are you looking for group training, are you looking to lose fat, looking to lose belly fat or are you looking for fitness to be fit, what is your choice to choose Consider it done but you have to be loyal and trust that you can do it together we can make it different and we have to work as a team my efforts Timing there will be the same for you of your choice and yes there will be a solid diet plan for you that you must follow. Don't waste time over any sex, male , female, single, married couple and any nationality all are welcome to join. Don't feel ashamed of your fat body while you see yourself inside the mirror, nothing in this world is perfect and you are also a part of this world, so don't think it's too late or you are old or You are too young or too old because it changes your mindset And I will come to you at your home, gym, or any convenient place to get the job done, it's hard but not impossible, you can only do it because you believe in you. If you agree to these terms, we will start the practice session as a team only. As you agree, these fees are solely yours For 15 dinars per hour For 55 dinars a week per month 100 . If you need more information in detail, you can contact directly at (عرض رقم الهاتف) or through watsapp (عرض رقم الهاتف) or here on Olx, I await your response.
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